МАСТЕР КЛАСС от Павла Глухова


“Body. Physics. Dance”
4.10.2020 at 16.00
Novorossiyskaya, 63 DK ChZMK House @ponadance

Pavel Glukhov – Laureate of Russian and international festivals and competitions. Dancer, teacher of contemporary dance, choreographer.

Description of the class: The modern choreography class consists of 3 parts. In the first part, warm-up is carried out, mainly in the stalls. Focus on conscious movement of joints, spine, connections between body parts, movement functionality. In the second part, we learn different principles of movement, developing mobility, muscular endurance and coordination. In the third part of the class, we will learn a choreographic combination.
Duration 1.5 hours.

Price: 500 rubles
Pre-registration is required.
Due to the unstable epidemiological situation, the number of participants is limited.